Wi-Fi SpeedTest for Mac 2.1.1 激活版 – Wi-Fi路由器速度性能监测工具


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Wi-Fi SpeedTest for Mac 2.1.1 介绍

This app is available on Mac OS X and iOS. It will allow you to test and troubleshoot your wifi network. It will be very useful when you want to test bandwidth of your wifi, ethernet or mixed network, but your internet connection is too slow(for example 10 Megabits per second), and your router can provide much faster speed between devices in local network.

To use this app as a measurement tool you will need two Apple devices : any iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV 4 or Mac.

This application do several things:

  • Test network bandwidth (connect TWO devices to one wifi network, start the app and test your network bandwidth in one tap/click). You don’t need an internet connection for tests.
  • Test network bandwidth not only in one network, if there is ip connectivity between them.
  • Discover devices which are connected to your LAN/Wi-Fi network.


If you use 2 wifi devices to measure network bandwidth between them, the result will be less than, if you measure network bandwidth between wifi device and ethernet device(for example MacBook connected to router with wired connection). This will happen because two wifi devices will transfer data to each other and they will share wifi bandwidth.

If you want to know maximum wifi network bandwidth for one wifi client, you need to use MacBook as a second device, and you should connect it to your network using wired connection.

iOS version: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id934511199

Thank you for any feedback: wifispeedtest@bk.ru

Wi-Fi SpeedTest for Mac 2.1.1 激活版 - Wi-Fi路由器速度性能监测工具

Wi-Fi SpeedTest for Mac 2.1.1 激活版 - Wi-Fi路由器速度性能监测工具

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