VideoToolbox for Mac 1.0.19 破解版 – 优秀的视频编辑工具

VideoToolbox 是一款Mac上优秀的mp4和m4v视频编辑工具,简单易用,不需要Quicktime支持,支持导出视频信息到TXT, RTF, XML, JSON, and PLIST等,很不错!

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VideoToolbox for Mac 1.0.19 介绍

VideoToolbox is a set of mp4 and m4v tools. This app allows you to easily access all your tools in a beautiful and clear interface. You no longer need to launch Quicktime X or Final Cut Pro to simply extract a picture or change the resolution. VideoToolbox will change your habits and save you time.

Here is the list of tools:

  • The media info tool extracts movie information to TXT, RTF, XML, JSON, and PLIST..
  • The snaps tool captures movie frames selected at regular time intervals.
  • The thumbnails tool builds an informative preview image of the movie.
  • The timelapse tool produces a time lapse saved as an m4v file or as a gif.
  • The flipbook tool generates printable flip books from movie files.
  • The export tool converts movies to other formats from a list of presets.
  • The metadata tool reads and edits metadata tags of mp4 and m4v files.

Moreover, each tool has its own interface that fits in what you are doing at every moment. Multiple tasks can be launched at the same time and notifications displayed when the tasks are finished.

VideoToolbox includes advanced features which are directly supported by the player and the tools. You can rotate, flip and trim the movie and all the extracted images will automatically apply this new transformation. You can also extract the current frame and share it on all your preferred social services (Facebook, Twitter, Flikr, etc).

In conclusion, VideoToolbox has just been launched, but it is designed to evolve and incorporate new tools in future updates. All movies which can be read by Quicktime X are supported (mp4, m4v, mov, 4k, ...).

VideoToolbox for Mac 1.0.19 破解版 - 优秀的视频编辑工具

VideoToolbox for Mac 1.0.19 破解版 - 优秀的视频编辑工具

VideoToolbox for Mac 1.0.19 破解版 - 优秀的视频编辑工具

VideoToolbox for Mac 1.0.19 破解版 - 优秀的视频编辑工具

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