Sound Studio Mac 破解版 功能强大的音频软件

Sound Studio是一款功能强大的音频软件,可让录制并编辑Mac里的AIFF音讯文件。它可多线绪处理,在背景执行的时候录制音讯。它具有一套可视化的音讯编辑器,能够精确地剪贴编辑,并具有数种滤器可修整音讯文件。具有声音淡入淡出、放大、裁切命令等等功能。正常化及放大滤器可用在8-bit的声音文件。支持Sound Designer II文件、单一声道编辑、声音输入来源控制。具有合唱、回音、压缩、延伸等效果,还有3组、10组、30组图形均衡器,以及声音录制及播放引擎。并可以MPEG-4 AAC和MP3 格式输出保存。

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Sound Studio 4.9.6 Mac 破解版 介绍

Sound Studio 是一款简单易用的苹果机应用程序,可用于在计算机上录制、编辑和制作数字音频

Sound Studio 可用于实现磁带和黑胶唱片的数字化,为现场演出录音,使用淡入淡出功能制作您自己的混音,调整音量及平衡,添加数字化效果以及用各种主流文件格式保存音频。!

多年以来,Sound Studio 一直是苹果机上最受欢迎的音频程序,现在它仍继续定期更新,来添加一些新的功能,以充分利用苹果的最新技术。

使用 Sound Studio,用户可录制专业的音频播客及其它音频对话。并以同等的高保真度录制和编辑对话、演讲、演示、音乐及其它音频。另外,通过这款高质量的程序能手,还可将文件保存成多种标准文件格式,如 AIFF、WAVE、MPEG-4 AAC、Ogg Vorbis 等。

第 4 版新增了许多功能:

  • 输出音量量表。
  • 将所有组件集中在一个窗口中的新用户界面。
  • 在边栏中列出的标记。
  • 简化了播放和录制传输。
  • 改进了 AudioUnit 管理。

What's New in Sound Studio

Version 4.9.5:

Version 4.9.6:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.11 or later

  • Snap to Zero Crossings
  • Insert Markers in Gaps
  • Insert Markers at Gridlines
  • AppleScript support for editing audio file metadata (artist, album, etc.)
  • Increased marker font size
  • Improved the visibility of marker, cue, and other lines in the UI
  • Organized Audio Units menu if there are more than 30 plug-ins available
  • Split By Markers automatically fills in the Number of Tracks field if it is left blank
  • Last Filter is remembered across different documents
  • Full screen mode
  • HiDPI support
  • Magnify (pinch and spread) trackpad gestures control zoom
  • Support for restoring windows when quitting and re-opening the app
  • Files are opened and converted on a background thread
  • Preferences updated, including the addition of default sample rate and sample size settings
  • Default system audio input and output device are settings now available in the audio preferences
  • Timer recording, with a visible indicator that a timer has been set. (This used to be part of Auto Start/Stop Recording.)
  • Automatic levels-based recording with new, simplified UI
  • Audio processing updated to use newer APIs
  • When saving files larger than 4 GB, an alert is shown if the file format doesn't support such a large file
  • Fixed bug where saving in Apple Lossless would not save the metadata and markers
  • Fixed some AudioUnit loading issues
  • Fixed a bug with copy and paste
  • Fixed a bug where using the comma key to play or pause would not pause if there is no selection
  • Uses AudioQueue for playback and recording
  • Presets can now be imported by opening the .soundstudiopreset file with the app
  • Updated Ogg Vorbis libraries (1.3.0 and 1.3.2 respectively)
  • Sound Designer II file format, which is an outdated file format that depends on the resource fork, is no longer supported
  • Removed in-app help. All help is now on the web site
  • In preparation for App Sandboxing, the Scratch Disk is no longer a preference
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher

Sound Studio Mac 破解版 功能强大的音频软件

Sound Studio Mac 破解版 功能强大的音频软件

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