Private Contact for Mac 3.4 破解版 – 加密通讯录工具

Private Contact 是一款Mac上的加密通讯录工具,可以保护通讯录的数据,而不用担心这些联系人信息被泄露,除了联系人加密功能,该软件还具备管理联系人信息的能力:分类联系人信息、为联系人信息用色彩进行标注等,很不错!

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Private Contact for Mac 3.4 介绍

Private Contact is an application to manage on Mac an always encrypted address book to protect your privacy and keep your contacts really private.

Data are organised using a master and details interface very easy to use.
Custom colour categories can be associated to contacts to categorise them.
Everything can be sorted by name or company or category.
Search can be performed via a combination of keyword and category.
Colour labels inside the view can be totally customised by the user.
Custom colour categories can be created, modified and assigned by the user at any time.

A document can be used as default one to be automatically opened at startup to contain all the user contacts.

Private Contact is easy to use. Operations are absolutely easy and similar to the one of standard macOS application plus just a password to provide every time the user opens a document.

Data can be imported form your standard Apple or from data in CVS (comma separated value) and TVS (tab separated value) inside text files.

Data can be exported to text files in CSV, TSV, HTML or Custom format, even using your own custom tags.

Private Contact uses the powerful rock solid AES-256 algorithm, to encrypt data.
The use of the AES-256 algorithm, managed at decoding level by the new Apple common crypto native libraries available on any Mac, allows to work in a reliable way on any modern Mac.

Informations inside documents, relative to various persons, can be read only by the owner, and in case of unauthorised access or theft of the Mac, the data inside Private Contact documents can’t be read.

Other apps on your Mac can not access your Private Contact data, on the opposite of what can happen on the data inside your available also to sandboxed apps.


  • Import from the Address Book
  • Import from any text in CSV and TSV format
  • Export to TSV, CSV, Html table, web pages, custom format with custom tags.
  • Easy to use interface
  • No learning period required
  • Very secure AES-256 encryption algorithm. No one can decrypt your own data.
  • very fast. Encryption saving and decryption opening is almost instantaneous
  • Instant lock with a click
  • Rock solid native macOS algorithm to encrypt and decrypt. This is a native Mac only app.
  • Contact can be sorted and filtered
  • Powerful category concept
  • Uses a standard macOS toolbar to manage frequent task
  • Customisable colored categories
  • Search and sort by category and name or company and all the content inside
  • Includes an embedded PDF user guide
  • macOS full featured complaint with Resume, Auto Save, Versions, Full screen

Fully compatible with macOS 10.10 Yosemite and successive.

Optimized for macOS 10.12 Sierra

Private Contact for Mac 3.4 破解版 - 加密通讯录工具

Private Contact for Mac 3.4 破解版 - 加密通讯录工具

Private Contact for Mac 3.4 破解版 - 加密通讯录工具

Private Contact for Mac 3.4 破解版 - 加密通讯录工具

Private Contact for Mac 3.4 破解版 - 加密通讯录工具

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