Exporter for Contacts Mac 破解版 导出通讯录工具

使用Exporter for Contacts for Mac可以帮你导出Mac上的通讯录,只要列出显示所有组中的所有组的联系人,轻松快速的帮你导出名称和组,Exporter for Contacts Mac版支持导出CSV、Excel、XML等多种格式,操作十分简单。

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Exporter for Contacts 1.12.3 Mac 破解版 介绍

Exporter for Contacts for Mac(“出口通讯录”)是一款受欢迎的经过时间考验的Mac应用程序,用于将Mac联系人导出为CSV,Excel和其他各种格式,能够将导出设置组合到模板中,使重复导出更容易。该应用程序可以导出所选的联系人,组和整个地址簿。它非常易于使用,但高度灵活和可配置,并且与Mac OS X 10.7至MacOS 10.12 Sierra的所有操作系统版本兼容。支持的导出格式的长列表包括:

  • Excel工作簿
  • CSV和制表符分隔文本
  • Outlook for Windows(2003和2010格式)
  • Outlook 2011 for Mac
  • Google Gmail联系人CSV
  • Fritz!Box / Fritz!OS Adressbuch
  • 可自定义的vCard
  • 可选的XSL 1.0转换
  • •XML

Exporter for Contacts 1.12.1 is a popular and powerful Mac app to export contact data from Apple’s Contacts into various formats, capable of organizing export setups in customizable templates to make repeated exports a lot easier. The app lets you export selected contacts, groups, and whole address books to a CSV or a native Excel file (great for importing stuff into FileMaker), and many, many other formats, such as tab-delimited text, HTML, XML+XSLT, and customizable vCards. It lets you decide which contact fields will be exported and in what order. The app comes with predefined export templates for common applications such as Outlook for Windows or Gmail.

What's new in Exporter for Contacts

Version 1.12.3:

  • Street names are now correctly extracted from a postal address if the "Street" field does not contain a street number at all.

Exporter for Contacts Mac 破解版 导出通讯录工具

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