Exchange Rates for Mac 2.6.3 破解版 – 汇率计算器

Exchange Rates是位于OS X状态栏或通知中心的小型货币计算器 - 始终可用且始终保持最新。一切都可以使用键盘快捷键完成,因此您可以轻松地转换两种货币之间的金额,而不会通过使用鼠标甚至启动另一个基于窗口的应用程序来中断当前的工作流程。它还提供两种系统服务,使货币转换更方便。

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Exchange Rates for Mac 2.6.3 介绍

Exchange Rates is perfect for you if you are tired of launching the OS X Calculator app and stepping through menu paths, or launching the fullscreen OS X Dashboard just for doing a simple currency conversion. It's a small currency calculator residing in the OS X status bar -- always available and always up-to-date. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything can be done using keyboard shortcuts, so you can easily convert an amount between two currencies without interrupting your current workflow by using the mouse or even launching another window-based application. All exchange rates are being updated continuously in the background, so you don't have to do anything about it. In addition, the fixed exchange rates of all euro predecessor currencies (such as the Austrian shilling or Deutschmark) and the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Litecoin are available as well. And just in case you would like to know what your paper currency is worth in sound money: Exchange Rates also offers precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) for conversions - each in grams and troy ounces.

The demo version has the following limitations:

  • Refresh rate is set to 30 minutes and cannot be altered
  • Launch at login setting inside the app is not available
  • Its runtime is limited to one hour per session. After that the tryout version has to be restarted
  • All application settings will be reset on application startup


Version 2.6.3 (2.6.0):
Note: The downloadable demo is at 2.6.0. The version available for purchase on the Mac App Store is version 2.6.3.

  • Fixes a typo in the french localization
  • Fixes a minor UI issue of the status bar item
  • Fixes a rare layout issue of the status bar panel
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Exchange Rates for Mac 2.6.3 破解版 - 汇率计算器

Exchange Rates for Mac 2.6.3 破解版 - 汇率计算器

Exchange Rates for Mac 2.6.3 破解版 - 汇率计算器

Exchange Rates for Mac 2.6.3 破解版 - 汇率计算器

Exchange Rates for Mac 2.6.3 破解版 - 汇率计算器

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