Calcbot for Mac 1.0.6 破解版 – 功能强大的专业计算器

Calcbot 是Mac os平台上的一款非常不错的Mac 计算机软件,Calcbot 依然秉承了 Tapbots 团队高水准的制作水平,虽然整个工具 UI 设计不张扬,但细节上处理非常得体,不会出现有些软件上设计过度的问题,使用起来非常的方便简单。

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Calcbot for Mac 1.0.6  介绍

Calcbot is an intelligent calculator and unit converter for the rest of us. Featuring an easy-to-read history tape, expression view, intuitive conversion, and much more!

  • History Tape - Every calculation you enter gets saved to the history tape and optionally sent to your clipboard for quick pasting. Refer to calculations later or send them right back to the calculator.
  • Expression View - Calcbot's original expression view allows you to see everything you have typed so you'll never forget what you entered or miss a typo.
  • Conversion - Convert any of your calculations with over 500 units across 22 different categories including auto-updating currency rates.
  • Favorites - Fave a calculation and get instant access to its result via the Favorites Key. No more cryptic memory keys.
  • Scientific Functions - Calcbot supports common scientific functions in case you ever need them.
  • Constants - Get instant access to scientific constants like Pi, Atomic Mass or add your own.
  • Round for Currency - Have all of your results rounded to two decimal places.
  • iCloud Sync - Sync your history tape, constants, and faves across multiple Macs and soon all of your iOS devices.
  • Sounds and Animations - Sound effects and animations to provide positive feedback when performing calculations.
  • 左侧计算操作区没有任何冗余的设计出现,从上到下是换算单位切换区,计算结果即时预览区以及数字小键盘,当你敲击数字,回车获取结果的时候都会获得讨巧的音效反馈,这也是 Tapbots 一向擅长的,你可以在他家所有的产品里发现。
  • 在计算的过程中,软件会记录并显示下你输入的所有数字和计算符号,保证在复杂、连续计算过程中不犯错,开发者管这叫:Expression View。
  • Calcbot 并没有学 PCalc 对计算键盘做文章,相反,他们把效率提升的重任交给了 History Tape,就是前面我们提到的右侧窗口,这个 Tape 可以和左侧计算区连接在一起,也可以 Detach 分开摆放。


Version 1.0.6:

  • Fixed a bug where the buttons would have incorrect labels

Calcbot for Mac 1.0.6 破解版 - 功能强大的专业计算器

Calcbot for Mac 1.0.6 破解版 - 功能强大的专业计算器

Calcbot for Mac 1.0.6 破解版 - 功能强大的专业计算器

Calcbot for Mac 1.0.6 破解版 - 功能强大的专业计算器

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